Handmade Soaps

Our unique handcrafted soaps have lovely moisturising qualities MarshaAllah, leaving the skin cleansed, soft and supple.  The beneficial ingredients have been carefully sourced and combined to produce these soaps, making the application of Sunnah remedies to the skin more practical for every day use.  

Simple Soap Bar Range 
Ruqyah Sidr Leaf 
Ruqyah Olive Oil
Fusion Soap Bar Range 
Sidr Leaf & Honey
Sidr Leaf  & Blackseed Oil
Blackseed & Honey 
Blackseed, Black Musk & Saffron
Goats Milk & Rose
Olive Oil & Green Clay

Sidr Honey Soap Bar Range
Sidr Honey & Olive Oil
Sidr Honey & Orange
Sidr Honey, Blackseed & Black Musk

Blackseed Exfoliating Soap
With Blackseeds and Ethiopian Blackseed Oil

The Moisture Cleanser -
Frankincense Oil, Neem Oil & Neem Leaves, Organic Sheer Butter
£5 Approx 90g
The antibacterial properties of the Frankincense (luban) Oil together with the moisturising Neem and Sheer Butter make this combination a winner!

Exfoliate and Moisturise - Handmade SLS free unbleached loofah Soap - Our Loofah soaps are very popular at our events.
Fresh Batch of Hand-Made Luxurious Moisturising Soap with Sidr Oil, Neem Oil and Neem Leaf powder, Hand-Pressed Morrocan Olive Oil, Blackseed Oil and Organic Shea Butter -
£6 without loofah (moisturising) Approx 130g
£7 with loofa (exfoliate & moisturise) Approx 140g

Khamsah Shifa Massage Soap Bars (5 Cures)

Our signature soap in the handmade soap range. A carefully crafted 5 layer massage soap bar with five beneficial ingredients from the Sunnah;
-Sidr Honey
-Hand-Pressed Olive Oil
-Blackseed and Blackseed Oil
-Sidr Leaf and Sidr Leaf Powder
-Costal Hind

£7.00 Approx 100g

We are always Hand Crafting new limited ranges of Soap - follow our Instagram and Facebook @theoliveorchidboutique to see our latest ensembles.